Contribute to sustainable farming, and let us do the heavy lifting!

Welcome to SWOF Cattle Club - Your Opportunity to Participate in Organic Farming!

Are you ready to be part of a revolution in sustainable agriculture? Do you want to make a difference while also reaping the rewards of your contribution? If so, you've come to the right place. Welcome to SWOF Cattle Club, where we turn your participation into a thriving, sustainable, and rewarding venture.

Make 15-20% annual return by partnering with us to produce certified organic, grass fed beef!

StarWalker Organic Farms

Welcome to StarWalker Farms, a cherished family legacy nestled in the heart of Northern California. As a third-generation farm, we take pride in providing our customers, retail outlets, meat distributors, and restaurants with certified organic beef that's as rich in flavor as it is in history.

In response to growing demand, we're extending a unique opportunity to individuals and organizations to become silent partners in our organic cattle supply chain. By contributing to our 2024 cattle program, you can participate in the thriving organic beef market and anticipate an annual return of 15-20%.

We invite you to explore our StarWalker Organic Farms online store to learn more about our journey, our values, and the exceptional products we offer. Join us in writing the next chapter of our story, and let's shape the future of sustainable farming together.

StarWalker Organic Farms Store
  • Participate in the Future of Farming

    At SWOF Cattle Club, we're not just about farming. We're about shaping the future of agriculture, one head of cattle at a time. By becoming a silent partner with us, you're not just supporting a cow - you're endorsing regenerative farming practices, promoting organic food, and contributing to a healthier planet. And the best part? You're doing all this while enjoying a return on your contribution.

  • Why Wait? The Time to Participate is Now!

    The organic beef market is booming, and there's never been a better time to become a silent partner. With SWOF Cattle Club, you can expect a 15-20% return on your contribution. But don't wait - the opportunity to participate in this growing market won't last forever. The sooner you contribute, the sooner you can start reaping the rewards.

  • Join Us and Make a Difference

    When you become a silent partner with SWOF Cattle Club, you're joining a community of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of sustainable agriculture. You're not just a partner - you're a participant in our mission to change the world, one organic farm at a time.

With our increased demand for certified organic beef we are increasing our herd, therefore we've created the SWOF Cattle Club.


Step 1 ~ Purchase Cattle Club Yearling

Enter into your contract with StarWalker Organic Farms by purchasing a Cattle Club Yearling, $1,500 per yearling. Each yearling is contracted into our beef supply chain. Each Yearling will be nurtured and finished right here on our farm in Northern California, under the watchful eyes of our experienced farmers. We take pride in our commitment to organic, regenerative farming practices, ensuring that every Yearling is certified organic and grass-fed & finished.

Step 2 ~ Contract Issued

Upon your contribution, you will receive a formal agreement that outlines the details of your participation, including the anticipated return from the cattle contract. We aim to provide a 15-20% return within 12 months of your agreement initiation. To get a better understanding of what this entails, we're more than happy to provide sample agreements. For more information, feel free to reach out to Kristina at

Step 3 ~ Receive 15-20% Return

When the time comes for the cattle to enter our organic beef supply chain, the product will be made available through our online store. As a contract holder in our Cattle Club, you can anticipate receiving your initial contribution amount, plus a 15-20% return, within a year of your agreement initiation. This is our way of acknowledging your valuable participation in our mission to promote sustainable agriculture.

Financial Breakdown

Now you can earn a profit on the cattle we raise. With our increased demand for certified organic beef we are increasing our herd, therefore we've created the SWOF Cattle Club.

Welcome to a unique opportunity with StarWalker Farms. As demand for our certified organic beef grows, so does our herd. That's where our SWOF Cattle Club comes in. As a silent partner in the Cattle Club, you contribute $1,500 per head, which goes towards the purchase of a steer or heifer yearling.

This yearling will graze on our lush fields and pastures, nourished by our organic hay during winter or as needed. The cost of grazing and organic hay, averaging $450 per head for a 12-month period, is covered by us at StarWalker Organic Farms. Additionally, labor and operational costs average at $475 per head. This brings the total expense per cattle to $2,425, including your initial contribution.

After 12 months, the animal will be processed and its produce sold through our online store. Each steer or heifer yields an average of 450 lbs of retail-able beef products, which our online store purchases for an average of $7.00 per pound. This results in a revenue of $3,150 per head and a profit of $725.

As a contract holder, you stand to gain a 15-20% return on your contribution, amounting to $225-$300. In essence, one year from your agreement initiation, you can anticipate receiving your initial $1,500 per head plus a 15-20% return, resulting in a total of $1,725-$1,800 per head.

Upon your contribution, you will be issued a formal agreement that outlines the details of your participation, including the anticipated return. Our goal is to foster a sustainable and transparent supply chain, offering these agreements to our partners year after year.

Please note that only a limited number of cattle are available for 2024. For more details, don't hesitate to reach out. We're also excited to announce that we now accept CryptoCurrency for the purchase of your Cattle Club Yearling.

Purchase Cattle Club Yearling

We Accept CryptoCurrency

Use CryptoCurrency to purchase your cattle

You can currently use Bitcoin, Etherum, Dai, Dodgecoin, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash to partner with us and purchase your cattle. At checkout choose Coinbase Commerce to purchase with Crypto.

We are excited to announce our SWOF Coin, coming soon! SWOF Coin is a cryptocurrency that rewards the SWOF community for becoming members of the StarWalker Organic Farms Cattle Club . A cryptocurrency backed by cattle. With SWOF Coin
people can stake coins to receive a return backed by the sale of certified organic beef. Subscribe to our email list for updates. If you are as excited as we are about Cryptocurrency and possibly interested in investing in the creation of the SWOF Coin please email

Contract Issued

At time of purchase you will be issued a legal contract certifying and describing payment of cattle contract profits. The expected annual return is 15-20% within 12 months of your contract.

Receive 15-20% Return

Once the cattle are ready to be processed we will sell the beef to our online store and you will receive your initial purchase amount plus 15-20% return as owner of the cattle, within a year of purchase contract.

Choose to be paid in Crypto or Fiat

You will choose to be paid in the Cryptocurrency of your choice or in fiat. Your initial purchase of $1,500 per head plus your 15-20% return will be paid in the currency you choose.

Introducing SWOF Swine Club

A Groundbreaking Opportunity in Organic Pork Production

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new venture at StarWalker Organic Farms – our exclusive Pig Contracts. Building on the success of our SWOF Cattle Club, we are now expanding our horizons to become the largest organic pork producer in the United States.

Why Pig Contracts?
Our mission is to revolutionize the availability of domestic organic pork. Currently, the majority of organic pork in the U.S. is imported. We aim to change that. With our new initiative, we plan to increase our pig production to 4,000 organic pigs per year. This not only supports domestic organic farming but also provides our investors with a unique opportunity to be part of this significant shift in the industry.

Investment Details:

  • Investment Amount: $1,000 per pig head.
  • Minimum Investment: 10 pigs, totaling a minimum investment of $10,000.
  • Return Potential: Similar to our cattle contracts, these pig contracts offer attractive returns, aligning with our commitment to profitable and sustainable farming practices. Offering a robust 15-20% return in just one year. For those who are looking to extend their investment journey with us, we present a unique opportunity to enter into a second-year contract that has the potential of even higher returns. This advantageous offer is made possible due to our expanding partnerships with several large-scale companies seeking long-term commitments for organic pork. These companies have turned to us for their substantial monthly needs, as they struggle to find adequate domestic sources capable of meeting their high demand for quality organic pork. By investing in our pig contracts, you're not only securing a lucrative financial opportunity but also contributing to a pivotal movement in making domestic organic pork more accessible and sustainable.

Why Invest with Us?

  • Largest Organic Pork Producer: Your investment will contribute to making us the largest organic pork producer in the U.S., a title that carries significant market influence and potential.
  • Sustainable Practices: As always, our methods are rooted in regenerative and organic farming, ensuring a positive impact on the environment.
  • Growing Demand: The demand for organic pork is on the rise, and your investment positions you at the forefront of this growing market.

Join us in this groundbreaking journey to reshape the organic pork industry in the United States.

Receive 15-20% Return on year long contracts, with our SWOF Swine Club


Meet The Owners

Jason & Kristina Walker, the owners of StarWalker Organic Farms and the SWOF Cattle Club share their story... Jason was born and raised on the farm and enjoyed every minute. He learned so many skills living on the farm, including good work ethic, how to grow and harvest a crop, how to run and work on equipment and so much more. After graduating high school he moved away to go to college and start his adult life. However, he quickly realized how much he missed being on the farm and knew he wanted to raise his children in the same environment that he had grown up in. In 2012 Jason and his wife Kristina, decided to move their family back to the farm. They took over the family farm and purchased more acreage to add to StarWalker Farms. In 2017 they added the Cattle & Hog operation and in 2020 launched the online direct to consumer store. Today SWOF ships Beef, Pork, & Jerky to customers all over the United States. SWOF farms over 1200 acres of crop ground and provides organic hay to dairies and feed stores in the Northwest. Currently there are 120+Scottish Highland Cows, 300+ Angus, and about 150-200 heritage breed pigs at StarWalker Organic Farms. With the growing demand for Organic Beef & Pork, Jason & Kristina created the SWOF Cattle Club & the SWOF Swine Club to increase the herd and offer others to partner and profit on the organic beef & organic pork industry.